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Comments & Suggestions
     I thoroughly encourage thoughtful, intelligent, and relevant comments, be they negative or positive. I also welcome suggestions for improvements, albeit of those, only insofar as they pertain to TCA content, interface, organization, or features.

     TCA is a Private Press, by means of which I am exercising my God-given, U.S. Constitution-guaranteed citizen's right to express opinions and views about any topic, without regard to the feelings, concerns, opinions, race, gender, ethnicity, or interests of any person, commercial entity, or government agency. Certainly, I'll seriously consider complaints about what I post here, but only in direct proportion to the accuracy and civility of the complaint. I may even apologize and change the offending item, although that's not very likely, but in either case the decision is mine, and cannot be forced without involving lawyers or the police. The only exception will be in the case of factual error, which I will absolutely correct as soon as the error is pointed out and validated.

Postings of Works by Others
     As a private press owner, I am not required to provide equal time or forum access to any person, organization, or agency for any reason whatsoever. Occasionally, however, I will publish, post, or re-post articles, essays, and commentaries written and offered by the lawful copyright holder for publication or posting on this site. Writers and artists may ask to have their work published on TCA, but I am the sole arbiter of all decisions regarding the publication or posting of any item, and my decisions are final (unless I happen to change my mind later). Demands of any kind, on the other hand, will be discarded without consideration or reply.

     Trackbacks to TCA are disabled and I generally do not use them as links. I see no value to them, and I am not interested in maintaining permanent links to content on the web given there are perfectly good search engines capable of doing so dynamically. More important, for the time being, I am only academically interested in who links to this website, and if I feel it's important for other people to know I've linked to their sites, I'll just send them a note.

LEGAL (Definitions and Terms of Use)
The following terms and definitions apply to The Canted Arabesque website:
•  Website or Site. The electronic files, documents, images, and other materials that make up a discrete publication available or accessible via the Internet.
•  Content. Any document, image, or multi-media item that is available on a website, including all program code, images, and text related to the design and display of the website.
•  The Canted Arabesque. This website and all of its content (regardless of the format or media in which it may be viewed, displayed, or preserved).
•  Visitor. Any person who navigates to this website using any kind of network communication protocol or internet client (e.g., a browser like Internet Explorer), or who obtains content from this website using 'foraging' or 'harvesting' tools (e.g., an RSS reader like FeedDemon).
•  Original Content. Content created or owned by the person who publishes that content on this website.
•  Non-Original Content. Content not created or owned by the person who publishes that content on this website.
•  Publish or Post. To make new original content available on this website.
•  Re-post (Re-publish).To make previously published original content or non-original content available on this website. The re-posted content may have been previously published on this website or elsewhere.
•  Terms of Use. The rules all visitors to this site agree to abide by.

Terms Of Use
     The Canted Arabesque website (also sometimes referred to herein as TCA) is intended for use only by natural or legal persons, or legal entities. Access to and use of this website is without exception subject to the conditions and requirements described in this and the following paragraphs. BY VIEWING TCA CONTENT, VISITORS TO THIS WEBSITE TACITLY AGREE TO ABIDE BY THESE TERMS OF USE, BOTH NOW AND AS THEY MAY BE AMENDED FROM TIME TO TIME. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, REMEDIES, OR EXCLUSIONS TO THESE TERMS OF USE EXCEPT AS DELINEATED HEREIN. Under no circumstances shall any item published or presented on this website or in any other venue in any way supersede, limit, or invalidate these Terms of Use, which may only be amended by publication on this website on this page, under the Terms of Use heading.

Limits of Liability & Exclusive Defense
     Visitors agree not to use this website or its content for any unlawful purpose. No person affiliated with this website shall in any way be liable to any visitor nor to any other party for any damages resulting from or arising from the use of material published or presented on TCA. Visitors agree to indemnify and hold blameless the TCA owner and his assigns against or for all losses, expenses, damages, and costs, including attorneys' fees resulting from a violation of any term of this Agreement. The TCA owner reserves the right to assume the exclusive defense of any claim for which he may be entitled to indemnification under this paragraph, in which case, visitors also agree to cooperate to a reasonable extent if asked to do so.

     TCA contains hypertext links or references to other websites. To some extent, but solely for esthetic and design reasons, hypertext links on TCA are labeled or organized in a way that alerts visitors to the general nature of the content of the site referred-to; however, such links are included on TCA solely for the convenience of TCA visitors, on an as-is basis, without express or implied warranties. The TCA owner accepts no responsibility whatsoever for link labeling, nor for the suitability, content, or availability of websites found at those links.

Copyright, Trademark, and Other Intellectual Property
     Unless otherwise noted, copyright for every item on The Canted Arabesque website belongs to the TCA owner, and ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. NO RIGHTS ARE WAIVED OR ABROGATED AND NO ONE EXCEPT THE TCA OWNER OR HIS ASSIGNS MAY CONVEY ANY RIGHT TO ANY ITEM ON THIS SITE. Further, the names 'The Canted Arabesque,' 'Natches Largo;' 'Sanger Magee,' and 'SangerM,' and The Canted Arabesque logo, the Canted Arabesque Dancer, and all other TCA-related images, names, and logos are herein declared to be unregistered Trade- or Service-marks belonging to TCA. Natches Largo and Sanger Magee are pseudonyms used entirely for legal purposes, and other pseudonyms may be used from time to time for similar purposes. All other product and service names mentioned on this website are the trademarks of their respective owners, whether marked or not marked.

     Unless otherwise noted, all original written content on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It is important to note, however, that Images displayed on this website are NOT licensed under the creative commons license, and the use of images found here in any way other than as described in applicable U.S. Fair Use Regulations and Laws is expressly forbidden. Where a conflict might arise between the Creative Commons License and these Terms of Use, in all cases the document takes precedence that retains for the TCA owner the greatest control over intellectual property.

     Regarding original written content: At all times, anyone using TCA copyrighted material—even under Creative Commons License—must preserve the editorial integrity of the material when reprinting or redistributing said content. In simple terms, if any TCA item or excerpt is used, it must not be edited or presented in such a way as to alter the message or original intent, or to otherwise misrepresent the facts or opinions expressed in the original item. Crediting the original creator is not always mandatory, but it is requested.

Copyright and Use of Materials Not Owned by TCA
     The TCA owner respects the copyright of others, and visitors to this site tacitly agree to do so as well. The TCA owner cannot grant permission to copy, distribute, display or use any material appearing on this site, or any material to which TCA links that is owned or copyrighted by others, including video or audio clips, documents, articles, photographs, or images. Only the person or agency holding copyright can grant permission to use an item. In all cases, as much care as possible has been taken to ensure that all content used on this site is legally available for use and is properly attributed. Mistakes do sometimes happen, however; therefore, if any person believes a copyrighted work has been incorrectly or illegally reproduced on TCA and wants that work removed or properly credited, that person need only send an e-mail containing verifiable proof of copyright ownership. Please use the 'E-Mail Me' link at the top of this webpage. A response of some kind will be given as soon as possible thereafter, and in every case either the item will be removed or properly attributed, or an explanation of disagreement will be sent. Please note that vile or threatening messages will be ignored or referred to the appropriate authorities.

Unsolicited Items Sent to TCA
     Without exception, any unsolicited item sent to TCA—regardless of its format or medium—will be accepted with the understanding that unless otherwise agreed to in writing, that item or any part of that item may be used on this website or anywhere else, in any context, for any legal purpose, without restriction and without the need for acknowledgement or any additional communication, to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, only the owner of TCA may accept liability or financial responsibility for anything sent to TCA and NO COMPENSATION OF ANY KIND WILL BE OFFERED OR GIVEN unless agreed to in writing before the item is sent.

Applicable Law & Jurisdiction
     This website is intended for use by citizens of the United States, and it may not, therefore, adhere to laws or specifications enacted or enforced outside U.S. jurisdiction that pertain to internet publications or other forms of publication; moreover, the TCA owner does not recognize the force or legitimacy of any foreign or international law in relation to this website or his person, except to the extent that such laws are recognized or endorsed by the U.S. Government. Any legal claim pertaining to this website, its content, or its use is subject to the interpretation of the laws of the United States of America, and more specifically, to the laws of the State of Texas.

     If any part or provision of these Terms Of Use shall be deemed by a legitimate and competent United States authority to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that part or provision shall be deemed severable from these Terms of Use, and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining part or provision, which shall remain in full force and effect.

     The TCA owner reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinue any part of this website, including these Terms of Use, without prior announcement, at any time, for any reason.

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