I recently rediscovered a set of photos I took in Dec 2005 while I was waiting for a flight out of San Antonio airport.  The subject is a series of nine large "glass/ceramic photographic tile murals"* created by local artist Cesar Martinez, each depicting one of the many things that give San Antonio its unique personality and interesting flavor.  Each impressive mural is installed at one of the portals on the airport's Terminal A concourse, and is complemented by a matching set of tiled columns, terrazzo floor designs, and beautifully etched tile borders.

     The photos were taken with a Kodak EasyShare DX6340 Zoom, 3Mpx digital camera, so the image quality is about as good as it got at that time with that kind of camera in that light (with some help from Paintshop Pro).  I hope to return there with a better camera, but until then, these will have to do.  They really don't do the originals justice.

     You can click on all but one of the images below to see a larger (±2Mb) version; you can also click on some of the Mural Names to see other info about the subject of the mural.  Note that not every gate had a mural. ~~

Gate 2: Jones Bridge

Gate 3: Conjunto

Gate 7: Spirit Of The Coahuilteco

Gate 9: Fiesta

Gate 11: Presa Street Bridge

Gate 12: Japanese Sunken Gardens

Gate 13: Fiesta Dance

Gate 14: Charreada

Gate 15: Southside Missions

     * For details about San Antonio Airport Art, visit the airport website.

[ All of the photos are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by me, but the artwork copyright belongs to Cesar Martinez or Public Art San Antonio (PASA). ]

     Updated 12 Sep 16

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