Last year, I visited and wrote about the 2009 annual Clay Fest held every October in Gruene, Texas. It was great fun, so I returned for the 2010 Fest, eager to see and photograph the artwork and also, hopefully, to find something interesting to bring home. As it turned out, an offhand comment by a vendor named Randy Brodnax made me so angry that I left the grounds immediately without buying anything, determined not to return. As I've written elsewhere, I suspect Brodnax is a decent enough fellow who just repeated something he’s heard and said a few hundred times in his life; however, the cost of his carelessness was not only the sale he might have made, but the sales of at least two, possibly three, other vendors. As to that, unquestionably, I wouldn't have bought all of the items pictured below, but we've purchased several things at every Clay Fest, and I was definitely interested in a couple of the pieces I'd photographed.

Yeah, well.

Clay Art 2010

Alejandra Almuelle
Alejandra Almuelle Ceramics


Paa-Ko Artists
Rick Irwin

Eye Of The Dog Art Center
Ty Johnson (2 upper) & Jess Wade (1 lower)


Linda Gossett Ceramics
Linda Gossett

Michael Merritt
Michael Merritt Studios



- Most photographs on this page were taken with the permission of the artists whose names are listed herein.  All of the photos are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by me, but the artwork copyright belongs to the artist whose name is listed above each set of images.

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